nedjelja, 12. svibnja 2013.

Pants with prints


 Pants with prints are a fashion trend this summer. With very nice look they're for everyone, as for younger and a little older and more serious women. We want to show you how nice nod to be combined and how they look nice. Here's some pictures of pants with prints. We chose the most beautiful in our opinion. What are you most like and do you wear them? How do you combine? I like best in combination with a cool T-shirt that is one color. Until the next post write your comments. Thanks to all who look at this post!




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  1. Sve i jedne su mi super, samo mi nisu prioritet, a tako bih htjela da mi jedne padnu s neba :p


    1. Hahaha i meni isto :D Ko zna možda se čudo desi :D

  2. sve su predobre! pogledajte i moj post sa floralnim pantolama :)

  3. ja vec dugo zelim jedne sa cvjeticima ili prugicama =D imam leggings ali zelim prave hlace, =D
    divan post <3

  4. I really love this pants! They are very stylish and good to combinate.

  5. ovo je za sjest i plakati! voljela bih svake imati ...

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