četvrtak, 23. svibnja 2013.

Neon fashion trend

Neon is sweeping the fashion world since last year and it showed up in the runways of both Spring Summer 2013 and Autumn Winter 2013 .... Fashion editorials all over the web has been proclaiming the return of the neon 80's for sometime now .... but for us here in India .... Neon is really not a trend .... we have been neonising our world since time immemorial .... where the western world use neon sparingly as an accent,we Indians go the whole hog .... nothing is too bright on our tan skins , we love color, the brighter the better .... Way back in 1956, legendary photographer Norman Parkinson traveled the length and breadth of India for a photo shoot for British Vogue .... when Diana Vreeland, then editor of Harper's Bazaar saw the images, she exclaimed famously ... "How clever of you Mr Parkinson, to know that pink is the navy blue of India" ..... what she meant obviously is that if black, navy blue and nudes was the common color palette for westerners .... for Indians, colors like Rani Pink (shocking neon pink), lemon yellow, Sindoori red (neon orange red), parrot green,  Aasmani Neel ( neon sky blue), Firozi (neon tuquuoise blue), Santari (neon orange) is the common color palette .... after all the Indian National Bird is the Peacock (the male) and the National Flower is Lotus .... and the best equivalent of western graffiti and Japanese Manga in neon can be seen on Indian truck decorations! What do you think about neon???

nedjelja, 12. svibnja 2013.

Pants with prints


 Pants with prints are a fashion trend this summer. With very nice look they're for everyone, as for younger and a little older and more serious women. We want to show you how nice nod to be combined and how they look nice. Here's some pictures of pants with prints. We chose the most beautiful in our opinion. What are you most like and do you wear them? How do you combine? I like best in combination with a cool T-shirt that is one color. Until the next post write your comments. Thanks to all who look at this post!




petak, 3. svibnja 2013.

Ombre Hair - new trend

Introducing Ombre! The French-termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. Finally, a trend that doesn’t require a busy woman of the world to run to the salon every 8-12 weeks for a touch-up!

Here, celebrity hairstylist R. Obrien Lynch gives his top 3 things to consider before taking the Ombre plunge yourself:
This style of coloring (in my humble opinion) really became more popular when pop princess Nicki Minaj began rocking colored wigs that lent hues of purple to pink, lime green to blonde, and even royal blue faded to a touch of blonde on the ends. However, if done properly, the process can create quite the bill at the check-out of your favorite salon, so here’s what you should know:
1. Consider your profession and future aspirations before you go with the bolder shades.
The A-listers have started a trend that essentially looks like “grown out” color, which, thankfully, makes it easier on those of us who just don’t have the time to traipse to the salon every few weeks for a retouch. However, remember, the more creative a person chooses to be with their color shading, the more attention they may acquire.
 2. Choose shades that will compliment your skin tone as well as wardrobe choices.
A person can choose one to three colors to shade for the “Ombre” effect. In the warmer months, shoot for lighter, more vibrant shades and in the winter months, choose cooler, more ash tones.
3. If there has been a previous color, you WILL NOT be able to achieve the “Ombre” effect successfully without some color correction (or maybe even more drastic measures).
Though it may look as if this now infamous look can be achieved at home, it is necessary to visit a professional establishment for the best results.

We will present you Ombre in photos! Sarah Jessica Parker is first who give us this trend. You can see "ordinary" Ombre and with "crazy colors". Which you like more?

nedjelja, 28. travnja 2013.

Long skirt - right choice for spring



I love long skirts. It's really right choice for spring and summer also. I want to show you which skirts I like the most. These are some. I like also long dresses but we will present you that maybe next time. Long skirts you can dress with fancy shirts or with tight T-shirts and jeans jacket. That's really nice and sophisticated style. Tell me what u think about ours suggestions? My favorite is first one :) Not only skirt, I like all. What about your favorite skirt here?